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We provide a different outlook and perspective of seeking Medical education in Russia,Nepal,China and India for Management and NRI quota seats only. With the experience of more than 10 years and a team of educational experts from India and other countries, we provide dual assistance and have the specialization in the field of providing quality admission guidance for education, commitment of best service and offer personalized approach to all the aspiring students. We understand the Medical Education system and hence it is able to bring a clear picture to the prospective students and their parents about the steps to be taken care during the time of admission. Medical Educare in long lasting relationships with the students and we measure our success in terms of success achieved by our students placed in top medical colleges and Universities in India,Nepal ,China and Russia. We are an overseas education consultancy offering detailed assistance to Indian students keen on pursuing their Medical education MBBS-MD abroad. There are linked to a number of world famous universities offering a range of courses to Indian students. Gaining admission in these highly prestigious universities is challenging. However, if you are eligible, we ensure you for completing the rest part of the admission process in a hassle free manner.We will help you in choosing the most appropriate course you have been looking for. Our diverse services incorporate every minute detail of attending a new country for advanced education on medical education.

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MBBS abroad : Factors to Keep in Mind while choosing MBBS in Abroad Obtaining a medical degree from a foreign country is becoming more popular with the increase in quality of education and low tuition fees in many universities abroad. Today, many countries are competing with each other in providing the best medical education to international students. Nepal Russia, Ukraine,South America, Kyrgyzstan are some of the countries that offer top quality education at a very affordable price. Not only the tuition fee is low for MBBS degree, but the universities in these countries use the modern technology and infrastructure along with high quality accommodation.

There are so many options in hand, it becomes a tough decision for students and their parents as to which university and country to choose for obtaining a MBBS degree from Abroad. Here we have listed some basic parameters that a student should consider before finalising on a destination and institution for medicine studies abroad MBBS/MD.

1. Cost of Education: The cost of the complete course is the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind before taking a decision. Cost of MBBS degree course varies from one country to the other. Some of the countries like Russia, Philippines, and China etc offer cost effective medical programs of world class standard.

2. Climate: Another important factor to consider is the climate of the area where a university is located. Some students may find it difficult to cope up with the cold weather conditions and some may not be very comfortable in the coastal places.

3. Recognition: Before deciding a university to pursue MBBS course, the student must find out the accreditation of the university. This is a very important factor that should be considered while choosing a medical university. The university must be recognized worldwide and should be listed in the directories of at least WHO, UNESCO etc.

4. Quality of Education:Many universities offer low cost medical education but the quality is not good. So the student must do some research on the quality of education provided in the university. Also finding out the curriculum structure can also help the students to get an idea of the quality of teaching in a university.

5. Hostel and Food: Apart from the facilities provided in the universities, it must for a student to find out what kind of food is provided in the university campus and the hostel. The quality of accommodation is a very vital factor as the student has to spend more than 5 years in that place.

6. Language and Medium of Instruction: Many foreign students may find it difficult to adapt in a new country if the language becomes a barrier. As English is the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it becomes very easy for a foreign student to adapt in a country where the language of instruction is English.

7. Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria need to be checked before applying for admission in MBBS in a foreign country. Most of the medical universities in Russia, Philippines, and Ukraine etc have an eligibility criterion that accepts students with at least 50% mars in the 12th standard.

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors, it becomes very easy for a student to select the right university for pursuing MBBS abroad.

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In-depth counseling:We visualise a world where financial constraints and other obligations are no obstacles for a talented student. If you want to study your favorite program in medical science MBBS-MD-MS in abroad, you are at right destination your dreams to reality. We will choose the course for you if you cannot find your preferences. Our counselor will talk to ascertain the direction of your ambitions. Thereby, he/she will suggest the best channels for optimizing your potential. Sometimes, there can be relevant courses in the same discipline.There are several other examples like this. The professional counselor has the necessary experience to guide you in a right manner.To help you to select the right course at the most suitable University / College in using our database with details on courses and our well resourced reference libraries. Web counseling is also available for students who do not have easy access to any of online media knowledge and access.

At MedicalEducare being an Industry Expert we understand the fact that the students require services not only before enrolling for the course but also during the course. So here we facilititate the students during the entire course of their academic cycle right from the counselling to the convocation.

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Our primary objective is to provide assistance. We shall outline the directions of your career at this crucial part of your life. Our team of counselors has many years of experience in the education services.We shall provide you with comprehensive assistance. Right from appearing for scholarships to resolving bottlenecks in your visa permission, we are available round the clock. We shall groom the candidate to help his/her inherent confidence shine. Our consultation assistance extends to availing a cost effective foreign studies solution in Medical Admission MBBS-MD-MS. There are several options to pursue courses abroad in a cost effective manner. Several countries encourage talented candidates to pursue their education with them. We are there to facilitate the connections.You can be sure of gaining admission in your preferred course overseas.


We maintain the most comprehensive database of informative resources on pursuing education abroad. Our mission is to serve as the singular destination for students looking for information on overseas studies for MBBS, MD and MS PG degree courses. Students and guardians have so many confusions that need clarifications. We at MedicalEduCare are here with the answers. You will find all solutions in our different sections. We have specific categories for education information in various countries. We provide the resources and the counseling so that you arrive at well informed decision. Our experts career counselors will look into the various available medical career courses meeting your requirements. We shall determine your preferences and options first. Students are often at a dilemma in choosing the right career direction. The professional guidance can be very helpful.

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Student visa Advice: to help you to secure your visa to enable you to study in . The company has an excellent success rate in helping students to apply for a visa which has averaged at well over 90% over the last few years. Pre-departure briefings to help students prepare for going to study. In addition, we also provide students with access to a wealth of information to help them prepare for going to Russia , Nepal and China.Networking opportunities to enable you to establish contact with other students going to either before or during your studies in.